Congratulations to Rosa Cortes (L) and Kathy Mateos (R) for winning the Las Fotos Project Instagram challenge with @glotography. They’re beautiful images received nearly 400 Likes each. Wow! Congrats, ladies. Enjoy your movie passes. #lasfotosproject #boyleheights #flowers #sunset #losangeles #skyline #rose #converse

Photo of the day: Arely and Yaretzi explore portraits by creating visual representations of their peers using cameras and various perspectives. #lasfotosproject #boyleheights #losangeles #art #photography

Community Agreements: be respectful, keep an open mind, no bullying, support each other, listen and receive constructive feedback, be kind. #lasfotosproject #boyleheights #communityagreements — DAY 1

There are a few mentoring spots left for the spring semester. Fill out our online application to get started:

Las Fotos Project Spring 2014:
Boyle Heights // Saturdays, 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Boyle Heights // Saturdays, 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Huntington Park // Mondays, 3:30PM - 5:30PM
Boyle Heights // Tuesdays, 3:30PM - 5:30PM
MacArthur Park // Wednesdays , 3:00PM - 5:00PM
Koreatown // Thursdays, 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Make a difference in the life of a girl by mentoring withLas Fotos Project. We’re now accepting new mentor applications for the spring semester. 12-week commitment, meeting once a week for two hours. Photo shoots, creative writing, and mentee/mentor bonding. Change your life, and hers. Learn more and sign up today: #lasfotos project #art #photography #boyleheights #Koreatown #ktown #art #losangeles #mentor

Victoria’s documentary photo project on La Virgen De Guadalupe in Eagle Rock. #lavirgendeguadalupe #guadalupe #lavirgen #lasfotosproject #eaglerock

Rosalba proudly poses next to her installation at ESTA SOY YO. She documented the beauty of #boyleheights and everyday things she found which she hadn’t noticed before seeing them through her camera lens. #boyleheights #lasfotosproject #hardwarestudio

Victoria and her installation documenting downtown Los Angeles’ art and architecture. #lasfotosproject #DTLA #photography

Our mobile with students photos and poems at ESTA SOY YO #lasfotosproject #boyleheights #losangeles #art

This fall semester-end exhibition features photographs taken by Las Fotos Project student photographers documenting their communities of Boyle Heights, MacArthur Park, Koreatown, Huntington Park, and Cabo San Lucas. The rich diversity of images in the exhibition highlights the student’s expansive research on social issues as well as their creative expression and storytelling artistry.
Friday, December 13, 2013 // 6PM-9PM
Hardware Studio // 2026 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
#boyleheights #lasfotosproject #photography #huntingtonpark #macarthurpark #nonprofit #losangeles #LAart #art #latina

“Flowers and Squares” by Ana, age 17 – Boyle Heights, CA

Flowers and squares can be 
friends, as long as they don’t 
harm each other.

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“Art and Nature” by Ana, age 17 – Boyle Heights, CA

I am art and nature
I am different
I am thought of
I am colorful
I have shapes

I am art and nature
I have shade
I have plants
I have animals
I am a home

I am art and nature
I am beautiful 
I am comforting 
I am unique
I am loveable


To purchase a copy of Nature: Double Exposed visit

“Las Manos de Mi Mamá” by Angelica, age 17 - Boyle Heights, CA

Here with open arms
Las manos de mi mamá
Through pain and laughter


To purchase a copy of Nature: Double Exposed visit

“It’s a small world” by Alma, age 18 – Montebello, CA

It’s a small world.
It’s a small world, or do you feel small?
Where dreaming big scares you.
Where your legs may feel weak.
Where you think you might get lost in nature.

It’s a small world.
Is your dream too much for your mind?
But is it too small for your heart?
Where your dreams help you grow.
Where your dreams are bigger than the world.

It’s a small world.
But with my dreams, I am bigger.
Maybe your world is small but I dreamt bigger.
Where in the future I would be able to fly.
Where I would be unstoppable.

“Palm trees or sidewalks” by Alma, age 18 – Montebello, CA

Palm trees or sidewalks, 
Why do you have to choose?

It’s picture perfect
See the same, different paths
Growing will not stop. 

“Journey” by Alma, age 18 – Montebello, CA

 J   ourneys there are many, destination there is one.
O  ur goals are to climb to the top of the mountain
U  carry your own memories
R reaching out to keep the most precious ones.
N ever forgetting the past.
E  njoying the future that comes.
Y  et realizing it’s a climb.